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At Machines & Cloud, we prioritize meaningful outcomes in healthcare and energy sectors, emphasizing value over mere technology. Our unwavering commitment ensures the delivery of tangible, defensible, and sustainable results for our clients, creating a lasting, positive impact.

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare and energy industries, clients often feel pressure to transform rapidly. Driven by innovation, security, cost-efficiency, and adaptability, they seek accelerated progress. With our unique expertise, we propel them forward, achieving remarkable results together.

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Our commitment to clients is unmatched. We understand that our clients’ success equals our success, and as strategic business partners, we continually optimize our organization to deliver value beyond what’s merely expected.

Health Assist Solutions

Streamlining Patient Care with Cloud Migration and Data Analytics

Health Assist Solutions, a leading healthcare provider, was facing challenges in managing their large volumes of patient data and adapting to the ever-changing healthcare landscape. Their existing infrastructure was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain, and they were unable to effectively analyze patient data to make informed decisions and improve patient care.

In order to overcome these challenges, Health Assist Solutions turned to Machines & Cloud for assistance. After evaluating their specific needs, we proposed a comprehensive Cloud Migration and Data Analytics strategy that would not only modernize their infrastructure but also unlock valuable insights from their patient data.

We began by conducting a thorough assessment of Health Assist’s existing IT infrastructure and identifying key areas for improvement. Following the assessment, We developed a tailored Cloud Migration plan, outlining the steps required to transition Health Assist’s data and applications to a scalable, secure, and cost-effective cloud environment.

In parallel, we worked on implementing a robust Data Analytics solution that would enable Health Assist to gain valuable insights from their patient data. This involved developing custom algorithms and analytics tools to process and analyze large volumes of structured and unstructured data, as well as creating visually appealing dashboards and reports that would allow Health Assist’s decision-makers to easily access and interpret the data.

With our expertise, Health Assist Solutions has been able to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and enhance the quality of care they provide to their patients.

ProWellness Centers

Empowering Patient-Centric Care with Custom Web App Development and Data Analytics

ProWellness Centers, a network of innovative healthcare facilities, needed a digital transformation to provide personalized, patient-centric care. With a complex and fragmented data ecosystem, they struggled to leverage the power of data-driven decision-making to improve patient outcomes.

Machines & Cloud stepped in to provide Custom Web App Development and Data Analytics services to enable ProWellness Centers to deliver seamless healthcare experiences. We developed a user-friendly web application that streamlined appointment scheduling, patient record management, and communication between healthcare providers and patients.

The custom web app integrated with ProWellness’s existing systems to centralize data, making it easily accessible to authorized personnel. Our Data Analytics services helped ProWellness extract insights from this wealth of data, identifying trends and patterns that informed their patient care strategy.

With the implementation of the custom web app and data analytics solutions, ProWellness Centers have transformed the way they deliver healthcare services, leading to improved patient satisfaction and outcomes.

GreenTech Energy

Unlocking Operational Efficiency with Cloud Migration and DevOps Consulting

GreenTech Energy, a forward-thinking renewable energy company, faced challenges in managing its rapidly growing infrastructure and needed to enhance its operational efficiency. To achieve this, GreenTech required a streamlined and agile infrastructure that could support their innovative projects.

Machines & Cloud partnered with GreenTech to implement a comprehensive Cloud Migration and DevOps Consulting strategy. The first step involved migrating GreenTech’s critical applications and data to a reliable and scalable cloud environment, ensuring seamless business continuity during the process.

Next, we provided DevOps Consulting services to optimize GreenTech’s development and operations processes. This involved introducing modern DevOps practices, tools, and automation techniques, fostering a culture of collaboration between development and operations teams.

As a result of our expert assistance, GreenTech Energy has successfully transitioned to a more efficient and agile infrastructure, empowering them to focus on driving innovation in the renewable energy sector.

CareNet Health Systems

Enhancing Patient Outcomes with Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services and Custom Web App Development

CareNet Health Systems, a prominent healthcare organization, needed to modernize their IT infrastructure and improve patient outcomes through digital innovation. They sought a partner who could manage their infrastructure while also developing a custom web application tailored to their needs.

We stepped in, offering our expertise in Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services and Custom Web App Development. They began by analyzing CareNet’s existing infrastructure and implementing a robust cloud management strategy to ensure optimal performance, security, and scalability.

In parallel, our development team worked closely with CareNet to design and build a custom web application that streamlined patient data management, enabled secure communication between healthcare providers, and facilitated easier access to critical information.

With the support of Machines & Cloud’s expert services, CareNet Health Systems has not only modernized its IT infrastructure but also enhanced patient outcomes through the seamless integration of technology and healthcare delivery.

SolarNova Solutions

Accelerating Growth with Cloud Migration and DevOps Consulting Services

SolarNova Solutions, a rapidly growing solar energy company, faced challenges in scaling their IT infrastructure to support their expanding operations. They needed a reliable and agile infrastructure that could accommodate their growth and streamline their development processes.

Machines & Cloud partnered with SolarNova to implement a strategic Cloud Migration and DevOps Consulting plan. First, we migrated SolarNova’s data and applications to a secure and scalable cloud environment, ensuring minimal downtime and a smooth transition.

Next, we introduced DevOps practices to optimize SolarNova’s development and operations processes. This included implementing continuous integration, continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, and automating various aspects of the development lifecycle. The Machines & Cloud team also provided training and support to SolarNova’s in-house teams to ensure they could effectively leverage these new practices.

As a result of the Cloud Migration and DevOps Consulting Services provided by Machines & Cloud, SolarNova Solutions has successfully scaled its IT infrastructure and streamlined its development processes, enabling them to focus on driving innovation in the solar energy industry.


Revolutionizing Healthcare Data Management with Data Analytics and Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services

MedixLife, a leading healthcare provider, faced challenges in managing, analyzing, and utilizing the massive amounts of data generated by their growing patient base. They needed a robust and secure infrastructure to handle this data and extract actionable insights from it to improve patient care.

Machines & Cloud collaborated with MedixLife to provide Data Analytics and Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services tailored to their specific requirements. Our team of experts designed a secure and scalable cloud infrastructure to store and manage MedixLife’s vast data resources.

Additionally, our Data Analytics services empowered MedixLife to draw valuable insights from their data, identifying trends and patterns that informed their patient care strategy. These insights helped MedixLife develop targeted treatment plans, leading to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

With our help, MedixLife has revolutionized its healthcare data management, enabling them to deliver better, data-driven care to their patients.

BioFusion Laboratories

Transforming Research and Collaboration with Custom Web App Development and Cloud Migration Services

BioFusion Laboratories, a cutting-edge biotechnology research organization, needed to enhance collaboration between their research teams and external partners. They sought a custom web application to streamline project management and communication, as well as a more agile IT infrastructure to support their research efforts.

Machines & Cloud partnered with BioFusion to provide Custom Web App Development and Cloud Migration Services. Their team of developers designed and built a tailor-made web application that enabled BioFusion’s researchers to collaborate seamlessly, share data securely, and manage projects efficiently.

We also migrated BioFusion’s IT infrastructure to a scalable and flexible cloud environment, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption to ongoing research projects. This cloud migration enabled BioFusion to access cutting-edge computing resources, accelerating their research and development efforts.

Through our expert services in Web App Development and Cloud, BioFusion Laboratories has successfully transformed its research and collaboration processes, positioning them at the forefront of biotechnology innovation.

GreenWave Energy

Enhancing Operational Efficiency with Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services and Data Analytics

GreenWave Energy, a prominent renewable energy provider, struggled with the management and maintenance of their vast IT infrastructure. They sought to optimize their operations and gain a deeper understanding of their energy production data to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime.

Machines & Cloud stepped in to provide Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services and Data Analytics for GreenWave Energy. By transitioning GreenWave’s IT infrastructure to a cloud-based environment, Machines & Cloud ensured a scalable, secure, and cost-effective solution that streamlined infrastructure management.

Additionally, our Data Analytics services enabled GreenWave to analyze and interpret their energy production data, uncovering insights and trends that informed their operational strategy. This data-driven approach allowed GreenWave to optimize their energy generation, reduce downtime, and improve overall efficiency.

With our services, GreenWave Energy has significantly enhanced its operational efficiency, strengthening its position as a leader in the renewable energy sector.

HealthLink Solutions

Revolutionizing Patient-Centric Care through Custom Web App Development and Data-Driven Insights

HealthLink Solutions, a healthcare technology company, aimed to develop a custom web application to provide patients and healthcare providers with a centralized platform for managing health records, appointments, and communications. They also required Data Analytics services to understand user behavior and optimize the platform’s features.

Our team designed and built a user-friendly, secure web application that facilitated seamless interactions between patients and healthcare providers.

Further, Machines & Cloud’s Data Analytics services provided valuable insights into user behavior on the platform, enabling HealthLink Solutions to refine and enhance the web application’s features based on real-world usage data. This data-driven approach ensured a continuously improving user experience, fostering patient satisfaction and engagement.

By leveraging our expertise, HealthLink Solutions successfully launched a patient-centric platform that revolutionized the way patients and healthcare providers manage and communicate about their health.

EcoGrid Systems

Accelerating Innovation with DevOps Consulting Services and Cloud Migration

EcoGrid Systems, a pioneering smart grid technology firm, sought to modernize their software development processes and IT infrastructure to keep up with the rapidly evolving energy sector. They required expert guidance in implementing DevOps practices and migrating their infrastructure to the cloud.

Machines & Cloud collaborated with EcoGrid Systems to provide DevOps Consulting Services and Cloud Migration solutions. Our team helped EcoGrid to establish a culture of collaboration between their development and operations teams, implementing continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines to streamline their software development processes.

We facilitated the migration of EcoGrid’s IT infrastructure to a cloud-based environment, ensuring a seamless transition that enabled access to cutting-edge computing resources. With our help, EcoGrid Systems has successfully accelerated innovation, positioning themselves at the forefront of smart grid technology.

BioLife HealthTech

Transforming Healthcare Delivery with Custom Web App Development and Cloud Migration

BioLife HealthTech, a progressive healthcare technology provider, aimed to revolutionize the way healthcare organizations manage patient data and streamline their operations. They sought to develop a custom web application for electronic health records (EHRs) and migrate their existing infrastructure to the cloud for increased scalability and security.

Machines & Cloud approached BioLife HealthTech to provide App Development and Cloud services. Our team developed a secure, user-friendly web application tailored to the specific needs of healthcare organizations. This application facilitated efficient patient data management, enabling healthcare providers to make informed decisions based on comprehensive patient information.

In addition, we assisted BioLife HealthTech in migrating their infrastructure to a cloud-based environment, providing a scalable, cost-effective solution that met the evolving demands of the healthcare industry. This migration enabled BioLife to leverage the latest cloud technologies and ensure the secure storage and transmission of sensitive patient data.

SolarGen Solutions

Unleashing the Power of Data with Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services and Data Analytics

SolarGen Solutions, a leading solar energy company, sought to harness the vast amounts of data generated by their solar installations to improve operational efficiency and drive sustainable growth. They required Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services to maintain and scale their IT infrastructure, as well as Data Analytics expertise to extract valuable insights from their data.

Machines & Cloud partnered with SolarGen Solutions to deliver these services. By managing SolarGen’s cloud infrastructure, Machines & Cloud ensured a secure, scalable, and cost-effective environment that seamlessly accommodated the company’s growth.

Our Data Analytics services enabled SolarGen to analyze their solar installation data, uncovering patterns and trends that informed their decision-making and operational strategy. With these data-driven insights, SolarGen optimized their solar energy production, reducing downtime, and increasing efficiency.

Leveraging our Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services and Data Analytics expertise, SolarGen Solutions has unleashed the power of data, fueling their sustainable growth and reinforcing their position as an industry leader.

First Merchants Bank

Accelerating Success with Ongoing Cloud Managed Services

First Merchants was in an aggressive growth and acquisition mode, but their legacy operating model was unable to efficiently take on the various platforms and workloads of the financial institutions they were acquiring.

They wanted to extend their data center to quickly start leveraging cloud operating models that modernized their technology approach, with the goal of eventually working their way into the cloud over the next 3 to 5 years, while also having a data center footprint by employing a hybrid cloud model.

Machines & Cloud’s relationship with First Merchants began with a two-day visioning workshop during which it was discovered that an agile, native AWS approach was much better suited to their business, operations, and budget.

Through close collaboration, Machines & Cloud was able to expedite the cloud journey due to the increased knowledge and skillsets of the combined teams. This allowed the Machines & Cloud team to reallocate those dollars and quickly shift the project focus to accelerating the migration-strategy phase.

Machines & Cloud also recommended SCPs for limiting deployment to approved Regions, and implemented a strategy for deploying users and roles for SSO configuration.


Delivering Powerful and Comprehensive IT Strategy, Development, and Operations Support

TennCare is the state of Tennessee’s managed Medicaid agency focused on improving lives through high-quality, cost-effective care.

TennCare was frustrated by the lack of accountability and leadership with their (now) former external IT management vendor and were seeking a new Operations and Management (O&M) Partner to support the ongoing daily IT operations and system enhancement requests.

Machines & Cloud’s ServiceNow expertise combined with an industry-leading Managed Services team has taken on TennCare’s O&M activities, addressing immediate issues and gaps left unresolved by the prior vendor.

In addition, Machines & Cloud is collaborating with TennCare’s leadership to build long term growth and operational strategy using the latest technology and results-oriented services professionals.

Avenu Insights & Analytics

Azure Migration for Scalability and Portability

Avenu had acquired another company that had an Azure foundation. That company had a pay-as-you-go payment plan, paid for by an individual employee instead of the IT team. In addition to this payment plan, Avenu recognized that the application they were using was not sustainable from a cloud perspective.

This application hosted multiple different web pages for its clients. These pages needed to scale to meet the needs of each individual client.

First, Machines & Cloud designed and deployed an initial enterprise framework. Next, Avenu’s current application was migrated out of VM into Azure Web Apps.

Machines & Cloud helped Avenu successfully implement and migrate to an Azure Framework and their applications were brought under enterprise governance. The responsibility of managing Avenu’s public cloud was shifted to the IT department, making them the gatekeeper to public cloud services.

As a result, Avenu was then able to deploy a cloud framework that would grow their Azure footprint over time.


Making payments possible for everyone!

Arcus is a FinTech solutions that provides through easy and simple endpoints allow their clients to offer their users a wide variety of payment functionalities. The platform handles and processes all the heavy lifting around payment processing, meaning our clients don’t need to know the intricacies of banking.

Machines & Cloud built Ruby on Rails application with PCI COMPLIANCE, fully automated with passenger, rails, Docker, Terraform and AWS. Various environments with all services under AWS Autoscaling, AWS EC2, AWS VPC and PostgreSQL. We Orchestrated development environments per each developer using Docker Compose, Terraform and Ansible.

As well as transforming Docker Compose Testing environment towards a Production AWS ECS cluster. Machines & Cloud went above and beyond by enabling multiple “Azure” environments to connect with Bank of America and PCI compliance.

Prime Therapeutics

Rapid Deployment of a Cloud-based Business Analytics Platform on Google Cloud

Prime Therapeutics is a leading pharmacy benefit management (PBM) firm owned by 18 not-for-profit Blue Cross and Blue Shield health plans across the United States.

Prime Therapeutics had developed a new data and analytics platform, critical to their business operations and growth strategy. Soon after selecting Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to host it, Prime’s leadership accelerated the project’s go-live date, requiring IT to onboard data and the new analytics platform in just six weeks. Prime’s IT team realized they didn’t have the skills in-house to deliver on the new timeline, so they called Machines & Cloud.

Machines & Cloud quickly conducted a technical assessment, creating a rapid development and deployment plan that met leadership’s accelerated timelines. The plan included peer-shadowing routines designed to train up the Prime IT team on design and implementation, ensuring self-sufficiency post-launch.

In addition, Machines & Cloud incorporated additional cybersecurity measures into the new GCP environment to ensure Client’s data environment exceeded HIPAA compliance standards.

AdvantEdge Digital

Self-Driving IT Operations Management

AdvantEdge Digital provides data and analytics to credit unions across the U.S., but deploying its services was too time consuming and resource intensive.

Furthermore, credit unions frequently lack analytical scale and talent, so AdvantEdge had to differentiate its analytics services by making them more accessible and actionable.

The solution was an advanced automation solution involving Azure, Chef, Palo Alto, Meraki, and ServiceNow resulting in a new, cloud-based analytics offering, and onboarding times that dropped from a month down to a couple of days.


The Uber for Boats!

Boat Setter made boating affordable and accessible whether it’s a short sail around the bay, a day-long fishing excursion, or a week-long island-hopping charter, Boatsetter offers unique on-the-water experiences for everyone and every budget.

Machines & Cloud built their system as a Laravel PHP application (Homestead) and Amazon – AWS with more than 40 servers, with multiple API integrations, and 3 different environments all fully automated using Ansible, Terraform and some pieces “containerization”.

Machines & Cloud transformed the application towards a highly scalable environment using AWS Auto Scaling, AWS Load Balancer, RDS replication, AWS CloudFront, and with different API’s domains for the backend and front-end.

We additionally setup the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery using Jenkins + AWS Code Deploy. To move away from their legacy and outdated stack tech Bitbucket

Link Logistics

Link Logistics senior management and reporting.

Link Logistics had been experiencing business challenges because of a lack of senior management and reporting.

The organization had inefficient, ad hoc IT practices, with no data product ownership whatsoever. Machines & Cloud helped implement enterprise-wide capabilities to show locations, tenant information, leasing statistics, financials, and forecasting via a single application.

This implementation provided Link Logistics more visibility through a more reliable application. As a result of the consolidation of access to the organization’s data, automated efficiencies are now in place and successfully being managed by a new, trusted analytics team.


A new way of using measurement-based care that goes beyond measuring outcomes

Owl makes it easy for behavioral health organizations to better screen, guide treatment, and engage with patients. Data insights from their measurement-based care platform helps improve clinical outcomes, expand access, and prepare for value-based care.

Machines & Cloud Built a PHP application with Symfony2 Framework from scratch while following HIPAA regulations. We used LEMP Stack within Amazon VPC private network and OpenVPN for a dedicated secure connection per each coworker.

We then Deployed Amazon AutoScaling for the production environment, Migrated the DNS NameServers from Godaddy to Route 53, also Using Amazon ELB, Github, Nginx, ElasticSearch and RDS replication


Turn skeptics into pipeline

LeadIQ helps sales eliminate busy work, enrich prospect data & make personalization easy.

They have a Node.js and Golang platform with more than 10,000 users. Machines & Cloud was responsible for design, Architect, Build and Operate their AWS Automated Infrastructure and AWS CI / CD Pipeline.

The project was split in 3 phases.

Phase 1: We used Docker to containerized the application into multiple staging environments using Docker Compose, Docker Swarm, Nomad and Consul.

Phase 2: We moved the Docker environment to Amazon ECS, AWS ECR, AWS Autoscaling, AWS Load balancer, AWS codedeploy and Jenkins.

Phase 3: Then created Provisioners, Infrastructure as code, Automated all open source software, Processes, One-Click deployments and async jobs using Ansible, Terraform and Docker.


“Top Gear America” and “The Fast & Furious”

Local Motors is an open-source motor vehicle designs, with cutting-edge expertise in 3D-printing cars, and impressive self-driving vehicle technology.

Local Motors uses a Python platform to create product designs. Their application has 2 main technologies, Python/Django as Backend and AngularJS as Frontend.

Machines & Cloud brought solutions to run on Chef using AWS chef manager: Opsworks (Chef) and integrates Cloudfront for CDN purposes.

Also, Local motor’s team needed a different environment using github branches, to do so, Jenkins Multibranch Pipeline plugin was used along with custom scripts to create EC2 Resources per each environment.

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